Monday 11 December 2017

My health: Rosanna Davison

Q Do you go to the gym or classes?

A I need to work hard to stay in shape but, thankfully, I enjoy exercising, so I treat it as an essential part of my lifestyle rather than a chore. While weight management is an obvious bonus, I work on my fitness for the huge health benefits and to help my concentration — I find myself getting a bit lethargic if I don't do anything active for a couple of days. Twice a week I weight-train with a personal trainer at BodyByrne on Clarendon Street, and I also go to a local Pilates class twice a week.

Then I aim to do cardio, usually swimming or crosstraining, three to four times a week. I usually manage to be active five to six days a week. Sunday is a lazy day!

Q Do you take vitamins or supplements?

A I don't take any form of medication, and I've always believed that it's important to evaluate your diet first before resorting to popping vitamin or mineral supplements.

If you eat balanced, nutritious meals then I don't believe there's a need for anything else. If I've had a late night or I feel I need a bit of energy, I take one Guarana tablet before breakfast for a natural boost.

Q Have you ever been in hospital?

A I spent almost a week in hospital after I had my tonsils removed when I was four years old. I have great memories of the whole experience. I was spoiled with ice-cream, balloons, attention and get well-soon cards.

Q What was your worst illness?

A I woke up with a bad case of chicken pox on my fourth birthday — not the nicest present for a child. I remember it being terribly itchy and uncomfortable.

Q What is your favourite cure if you are sick?

A Plenty of rest, and I generally turn to herbal options or homeopathy before conventional medicine. If I feel a cold threatening, I drink fresh ginger tea and eat loads of garlic. It doesn't do much for the breath but it's amazingly antibacterial!

Q Do you get your five a-day?

A I probably get eight a-day! As a vegetarian, my meals are based on vegetables and I eat fruit daily, too.

Q Any vices?

A Pretty shoes!

Q Ever dieted?

A I never starve my body as past naive experience has taught me that in doing so, you will slow down your metabolism and pile on any weight lost (and more) when you resume normal eating. I concentrate on eating five small meals a day and an everyday diet high in protein, whole grains, fruit and veg and low in white carbohydrates, junk and sugar.

Q Any family ailments?

Not that I'm aware of. As a family, we've always focused on keeping fit and eating well.

Former Miss World Rosanna Davison is one of the country's top models. She has just joined the Andrea Roche Model Agency. www.armodelagency.com Don’t miss Rosanna’s exclusive new weekly advice column only in Wednesday’s Herald

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