Sunday 21 January 2018

My health: Gillian Quinn

Q Do you go to the gym or do classes?

A I am a Pilates instructor. I teach classes every week. I have been doing Pilates for the past ten years. I got into it because Niall [Quinn] injured his back playing football and his physiotherapist at the club recommended he start Pilates. And they got him a Pilates instructor and it strengthened his back. When I saw the results he got, I started doing it. When I decided to become an instructor, I did an excellent course in London, and also did training here in Ireland with Stott Pilates, the biggest organisation worldwide. I also ride horses every day.

Q Do you take vitamins or supplements?

A I go through phases really. If I feel a cold coming on, I take vitamin C and echinacea. I use a vegetable juicer and would put in an apple, broccoli, spinach, beetroot, celery, fruits and then add in things like wheatgrass and probiotics. But I certainly wouldn't do that every day. I would go through phases; I might do it for a month at a time and then not do it again for six months.

Q Have you ever been in hospital?

A As a baby I was in hospital -- I had abscesses in my ears when I cut a tooth.

Q What was your worst illness?

A I was asthmatic when we lived in the UK. I developed it as an adult. I became asthmatic so I was on medication for that. I had a nebuliser and it was a condition I had for several years. Usually if you develop it as an adult, it's with you for life. But when we moved back to Ireland, I tried alternative medicine, and it was cured.

Q What is your favourite cure if you get sick?

A I only really get colds. I take vitamin C, echinacea and manuka honey.

Q Do you get your five a day?

A I would.

Q Any vices?

A Chocolate. I don't buy chocolate or biscuits to keep in the house. So, if I want chocolate I have to get in the car and drive to get it, which I do occasionally, I have to admit . . .

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