Monday 22 January 2018

My health: Elsa Jones Nutritional Therapist & TV Host

Q Do you go to the gym or classes?

A No. I live near the mountains so I do a lot of hill walking with my husband and our dog, Snoop. I prefer to be outdoors when I'm exercising, taking in the fresh air and enjoying the views; it is more therapeutic.

Q Do you take vitamins or supplements?

A I take a vitamin B complex as it gives me energy, nourishes my nervous system and helps counteract the effect of stress on the body. I also take vitamin C with bioflavanoids to boost my immunity, particularly coming into the winter, and also for its antioxidant properties.

Q Have you ever been in hospital?

A I've had two operations under general anaesthetic but I've never had to stay overnight. The thought of having to stay overnight in a hospital freaks me out. I'm quite squeamish and germ phobic.

Q What was your worst illness?

A When I was travelling around Australia about 10 years ago, my friend and I were staying in a dodgy hostel and, even though it was unbearably hot, we slept in our sleeping bags as we didn't want to lie on the bed clothes. However, one night, after a few drinks I dived in between the sheets and fell fast asleep. The next morning I woke up with red swollen welts all over my body that turned into massive blisters.

Q What is your favourite cure if you are sick?

A If I feel a cold coming on I take a few drops of echinacea with goldenseal at regular intervals throughout the day. They both have fantastic anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and, when taken together, they work synergistically to boost the immune system.

Q Would you get your five fruit and veg a day?

A Yes, I make a conscious effort to eat lots of fruit and vegetables because I know how beneficial they are to my health. To be honest, I love vegetables anyway. I like fruit, too, but it's hard to find good fruit in this country, in my opinion.

Q Any vices?

A Well I'd be lying if I said I didn't like chocolate. I try not to eat too much of it, though, and generally opt for dark chocolate. It's richer than milk chocolate so you end up eating less. It also contains antioxidants and a lot less sugar, so I feel less guilty eating it.

Q Ever dieted?

A I don't believe in dieting at all. The only way to maintain a healthy weight for the long term is to make healthy eating a part of your life.

Q Any family ailments?

A We all seem to have weak lower backs that wear and tear easily. I'm starting Pilates this month as I've heard it's great for building up strength.

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