Sunday 17 December 2017

Male grooming

Do hair-loss products really work?

"Yes. We would recommend 4pc Minoxidil for women and 6pc Minoxidil for men. I also supply Propecia, a tablet for men. It's highly effective, although there are a couple of side effects in a very small minority of cases. Trichologists also use topical anti-androgen lotions which mimic oestrogen and inhibit the effect of the male hormone which causes hair loss."


What skincare products really work for men?

"Find a range that has no perfume, no colour or irritants. We're dealing with Irish skin here, so we are quite sensitive on the whole. La Roche Posay Toleraine and RoC is good. While I wouldn't be a big fan of Clinique on the whole, I like their shaving foam and Post Shave Healer for men.

Dr Jane Mulrooney

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