Thursday 23 January 2020

Mairead Ronan - 'I'm not naturally slim, I need motivation'


Mairead Ronan
Mairead Ronan

Mairead Ronan, the face of Ireland's Fittest Family, has admitted that keeping slim is a struggle for her.

While she has an enviable figure, Mairead said she has to work to stay in shape and that she used her recent wedding as motivation to watch what she ate.

"I don't have a naturally slim body, but the wedding was obviously good to keep me on track.

"I need something to aim for. If I just look at a Jaffa cake my knickers get tighter," she said.

Despite often landing sporty presenting roles, the broadcaster joked that she, her new husband Louis and son Dara, definitely wouldn't pose a threat to any of the athletic families on RTE's Ireland's Fittest Family.

"We're probably currently Ireland's least fittest family," she said.

Along with juggling her presenting work with her radio producer gig in Today FM, Mairead is kept on her toes by her boy Dara (8).

However, the Finglas native thinks being a working mum has become easier as Dara gets older.

"I definitely found when Dara was between one and three the hardest. I found the baby thing easy… now, saying that, I was blessed with a good baby. But after that, until he hit three, I was so tired all the time," she told the RTE Guide.

"They were stressful times of picking up, dropping off, childminders falling sick and trying to get to work.

"But once he was able to talk and communicate with me it started to get easier."

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