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Alison Hanley:

I'm down another two pounds this week and I feel like I have a real spring in my step these days.

People in work have commented on how much calmer I am and that my skin is glowing and my hair is shiny.

Hearing these nice comments is only making me more determined to keep up the good work.

I had a work course in a hotel this week and we were booked in for lunch. I was a bit worried about what I could eat as you are given a set choice but it was fine.

I chose the fish with roasted vegetables and a fruit salad (no cream) for afters.

As part of the CBT coaching, Elsa encouraged me to write down all the reasons why I want to be slim.

I was to be very specific and phrase everything positively and read the list three times a day and at weak moments.

I was thinking 'three times a day -- that's a bit much!'

But, I went ahead and downloaded a reminder app on my iPhone and programmed the list to flash up on my screen three times a day.

I'm amazed at how powerful it is to read this regularly -- it really helps me focus on why I'm doing this and helps keeps me motivated.

Usually with other diets I get fed up at this stage and start to let old habits creep back in. But, I can honestly say that this is not the case on my new healthy eating plan because I'm enjoying the food.


I wouldn't be the world's greatest cook but I've been experimenting with fish and lentil dishes and the recipes that Elsa gave me are great -- easy to follow and very tasty. Even the kids ate the fish which is a total result.