Sunday 25 February 2018


Just 45 minutes in the morning or on your lunch can get you a beach body, says Pat Henry

exercises: Jen Feighery

There was a great response to last week's routine using a 5kg medicine ball. It's so simple, yet so effective. And the beauty is that you can complete your workout either outside or indoors.

The perfect area to work out with this programme would be the beach, the park or even in your back yard, on the grass.

Anywhere there is clean fresh air. In yoga, this is called Prana or life force, which is highest in the above mentioned areas.

This secret of this workout is to keep moving from one exercise to another without stopping. If, for example, you rest in between each exercise, you simply loose the benefit and the cardio effect.

It's normal to be breathless, within reason, as you move quickly. Just try to stay focused for the entire routine, it is only 20 or 30 minutes out of your day, which we all can afford.

If your day gets hectic, aim to work out in the early morning before work or school. At least then it is finished and you will find your energy will increase much earlier as your metabolism fires up, and your day will be more productive.

If all fails, make sure you set aside some time to exercise, even if it's your lunch time. Go to the nearest park, or a garden maybe by your office. You could start an exercise trend.

Make sure to perform all movements correctly to avoid injury. Often, at the beginner stage, you will find the back of your legs and thighs getting tight or even sore, so gently stretch, and if it persists, have a hot bath with 1lb of Epsom salts added. This will loosen all the tight muscles and get you ready for the next phase of the programme.

Remember, target time is three sets of 20 reps, three three-minute runs.

Maximum time is 45 minute and the best time is 30 minutes.

For more info, telephone: 01 661 6195; email: info@henryfitnesscentre; com; www.henryfitnesscentre.com

BALL SWINGS Keeping the back straight and with straight arms, squat down swinging the ball from the floor up over your head.

SIDE LUNGE Facing forward, step out to the side and squat down with one leg, keeping the other leg straight.

LATERAL SIDE RAISE Swing the ball from the floor out to the side of your body, keeping the arm straight. Don't bring the ball higher than the level of your shoulder.

OVERHEAD TRICEP Standing with one foot in front of the other and arms up by your head. Bend from the elbow, bringing the ball behind your head. Exhale and push the ball up again.

A SUMO SQUAT With a wide stance, squat. As you stand, drive the knee up towards your elbow. Hold the ball up with the arm bent.

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