Thursday 14 December 2017

Knockout exercise routine gets you punching above your weight

Punch Bag
Punch Bag
Squat Kicks
Squat Kicks
Pat Henry Fitness SET 4 - Hanging Sit Ups B
Pat Henry Fitness SET 4 - Hanging Sit Ups A

Boxing is a brilliant way to get the heart pumping

What a great work out boxing is, it must be one of the hardest of all fitness regimes.

Using hips, arms, shoulders, back and legs. It works everywhere giving you a great power and cardio workout. Especially if you move non-stop for at least three minutes of continuous exercise, then jump onto the bike, treadmill or cross-trainer for five minutes.

The sequence we recommend is to do three sets of three minutes on the punch bag or pads, and after every set of three minutes do five minutes of cardio, then back to the punch bag for another three minutes etc.

Hit the pads or bag as steady and as hard as you can non-stop, And hit high and low, getting a swivel from the hips which will work your waist. This work out is really effective if you have a training partner who will keep you focused.

After three, three-minute rounds, imagine what it would be like if Mike Tyson or Katie Taylor were hitting you back. Scary!

Most important of all is to invest in a good pair of gloves, and also to use inner gloves to avoid getting your knuckles scraped or broken.

Ideally get a lesson on the most effective way to use your body weight while punching.

Using the kick pad is another great work out for your legs and your bum.

With boxing or kick boxing it will certainly elevate your heart rate, so take it easy at the beginning.

And as you feel it's getting easier, step up your rounds to fire, three-minute rounds followed by five minutes of cardio, non-stop.

What a great work out, even for those who are weight- training fit. Give it a try for at least a week and see and feel a difference.

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exercises: Jen Feighery

1 Punchbag

With one leg forward, hands guarding your face punch the bag with short, sharp, fast jabs. Twisting your hand towards the bag, making sure your knuckles land flat on the bag. Don't forget to breath. Go all out for 3 minutes continuously.

pads With a sparring partner holding the pads; one leg forward and hands guarding your face. Punch across your body to the opposite pad. Keep the punches sharp and fast. Go all out for 3 minutes.

2 Squat kicks

Standing facing the bag, squat down and as you stand drive one foot, sole first into the bag as hard as you can. Go straight back into a squat and then kick with the opposite leg.


3 Pads

With a sparruing partner holding the pads, one leg forward and hands guarding your face, Punch across your body to the opposite pad. Keep yje punches sharp and fast. Go all out for 3 minutes

4 Hanging Sit Ups

hanging sit ups Hanging suspended from a chin up bar by your feet, using gravity boots if you have them, keeping your core engaged crunch your upper body towards your knees and slowly back down. Keeping control of your lower back. 

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