Sunday 20 January 2019

How long 'til this pop beauty's dyeing to get back to blonde?

I'll give Sarah Harding about three-and-a-half minutes before she decides to go back to blonde.

She's beautiful and can carry off the jet-black hair -- but some of the gloss that she exudes, no matter what colour her hair, comes down to the professional hair and make-up grooming she gets as a pop star. Us mere mortals have to settle for a blow-dry on special occasions.

Let's remember the picture of the normally super-glam Katy Perry that her husband Russell Brand recently posted on Twitter. Sans make-up and first thing in the morning she looked pretty, but not the vamp she normally does. It just shows how much work goes into it all.

Nonetheless, while Perry is a proper-bo brunette, some women are just meant to be fair. And Harding is one of those gals.

What I find interesting is the fact that she does not appear to be going through any major turmoil (just engaged and Girls Aloud rumoured to be reforming), which is puzzling, as misery is normally the precursor to a drastic change in hairstyle for a woman.


I remember losing my job years ago and promptly went to the salon with some of my last pay cheque and got my hair dyed brown.

Big. Mistake. I felt invisible. Two days later, the very nice salon got me back to blonde for a very small fee -- I think they saw the tears in my eyes when I rocked up.

Sadly, I didn't learn my lesson. I put more thought into my next hair experiment and even consulted my father this time round, but there was no talking me out of it (believe me, he did try).

My little brother had just died and I decided that I would become a red head. It was grand, but, as a wise friend of mine always says, 'the cows in the field are grand'.

A woman does not want to be 'grand', she wants to be the best that she can be in the looks department and hair plays a massive part in this.

Even men get it. Pops O'Keeffe and my big bro say no to me ever being anything other than blonde again, while a certain other man in my life has banned me from ever getting more than a 'trim'. I laid down the law when he suggested coming along to supervise the last chop. Long(ish) and blonde I may be -- but even I have my limits! > Dee O'Keeffe

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