Monday 20 November 2017

Give it a rest, it's time for a detox

After the festive excesses we might benefit from going easy on our digestive systems, says PAt Henry

Following the usual period of Christmas over-indulgence, it's time to give the body a rest from the the complex combination of food and drink, that give us that bloated, sluggishness feeling.

When detoxing for the first time, the simplest way is to have your normal breakfast on day one and from then on eat as many soft pears or grapes as possible, as these are the most cleansing fruits. If you can, drink still water only.

Don't break the detox until the following morning and repeat it one day a week for one month. You don't need potions or pills.

Before attempting this fast you should realise that detoxing is not meant to be used for weight reduction, or to cure ailments or diseases, but to give the system a rest from food. It allows the body time to digest the food that can be clogging up your internal organs (5-6lbs), that can result in bad breath, body odour, constipation etc.

For the second month choose one day each week when you will have only still water.

If you get headaches while detoxing it is likely to be withdrawal from tea, coffee or other stimulants.

As I have stated already, detoxing is not a cure for anything, but it will help:

>The body heal itself;

>To show you how the body can perform during a period of abstinence from food;

>To give the over-worked, over-burdened internal organs time for rest and rehabilitation;

>Flush out poisons and waste that have been stored in the body for years;

>Raise the body's efficiency, promoting the elimination of inorganic chemical accumulations and other pollutants.

Detoxing can help make mental faculties sharper. It also allows the liver, which is known as the chemical laboratory of the human body as well as being the most abused organ, to function more efficiently.

After a fast the circulation is better, food can be digested better, vigour is greater, as are endurance, stamina and strength.

Also, the mind becomes more receptive to logic and a sensible, natural way of living.

In fact the mind becomes so powerful that it can take full control of the body and, if a person does not go back to their old habits they can carry this mastery of the body for the rest of their life.

Other mental benefits of detoxing include:

>Helping to increase a person's confidence,

>Bringing about a more positive mental attitude,

>Inducing tranquillity of mind and a glow of wellbeing.

Tips for Detoxing

1>Use soft pears or grapes.

2>No fruit juices.

3>Have small amounts of tea or coffee if you get a headache.

4>Seek medical advice before embarking on this regime.

5>Walk at the seaside or in the park -- it increases life force.

6>Plan and set goals for the New Year.

It's important to get a medical check-up if you intend to detox regularly

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