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Getting a skinful

THIS may be a first in T&T history!

Five serums, running the gamut of price, all coming in at five stars! Frankly, the pennies don’t matter, it’s all about what sort of texture appeals and what sort of presentation you enjoy. Do you like it thick and opaque, or liquid and clear? Do you like it to get deep into your pores quickly or do you prefer luxurious slow seeping into the dermis? I loved all of these and wish I had five faces so I could use all of them all the time.

AVON Anew Clinical Luminosity Pro Brightening Serum, €30 * * * * *

Its jelly-like texture is entirely pleasing. You feel like you’re plumping your skin cells full of it, gently filling in lines and soothing dryness. Two pumps of the dispenser and you’re sorted, and it sinks in fairly sharpish.

CLINIQUE Antioxidant Rescue Serum, €140 * * * * *

Everything Clinique does is really user-friendly, but also very no nonsense. The packaging is never whimsical, and you always feel like you are in good, scientific hands. This serum furthers this impression, being dispensed with a dropper from a cleanly white-and-silver container. It is very liquidy, and sinks in super fast. If your skin is dry, this is the direct hit it needs.

ESTÉE LAUDER Perfectionist CP+ Wrinkle Lifting Serum, €80 * * * * *

The classic brand presents a classic creamy appearance, and it smells so, so, so good that it makes you feel like a princess. This absorbs at a medium pace, and I got extraordinary benefit using it in the morning, and then just before bed.

LACURA Multi-Intensive Serum, €4.79 * * * * *

Ooh, the cheapness of chips! And yet as delicious as a bag from your local! Not that I ate this stuff, of course. I’ve become quite fond of the distinctive scent of the Lacura line, and this did not disappoint. It went on silkily but was more of a slow burn, sinking in fairly slowly.

LUSH Saving Face Solid Facial Serum Bar, €10.95 * * * * *

Okay, if I had to choose my favourite five star . . . oh, it would be difficult! I loved them all. But I have to say that for a purely sensual experience, the Lush bar is bar none. You rub it all over your face, and it feels absolutely decadent. Then you rub it in with your fingers, and it feels and smells so good that if you don’t swoon, you’ve no sense of romance at all.