Monday 21 May 2018

Get a sexy glow, says Pat Henry

WHEN we're in love, our bodies release feel-good hormones which help us to regulate our appetite and to control our cravings for junk food. Not only does love give us an inner glow, it's also reflected in how we look on the outside.

It's because we find ourselves gravitating less towards comfort foods, and being drawn more towards healthy foods.

Even better, these foods are high in anti-oxidants, and help give us a natural high.

Love and intimacy play a huge part in our sense of wellbeing too. It's not just about sex, though it has to be said the closeness which comes from someone loving us for who we are, makes us feel a million dollars.


Touching or holding hands also has the same effect. When children are cuddled, studies have found that they grow up to be more confident and to like themselves more, and have less mental baggage.


Kissing also releases fantastic feel-good hormones. In fact, kissing and the overall feeling of being loved and wanted, and of feeling special, has a more beneficial effect on our bodies than any pill or vitamin.

When we crave love, our body seeks phenylalanine, which is the chemical our brain floods our body with when we are in love. Chocolate has the highest amount of phenylalanine, this is why it's called the food of love.


Sex without intimacy does not have the positive effect of strengthening our bodies with love endorphins.

Yet when we're in love, and enjoy a good physical relationship with our partner, this intimacy protects our immune system and benefits us in a number of ways including: burning more fats; helping us eat better food; helping us sleep better; cutting down on the amount of illness we suffer and helping us feel more comfortable with ourselves. Just a few of the benefits of love.

We also find we like ourselves a lot more when we are in love. Controlling our emotions is also vital, or they will end up controlling us.

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