Friday 15 December 2017

Don't bristle, just brush

Are these make-up brushes state of the art, or will they smudge and streak?

WHATEVER you learn from this column, learn this: the brushes supplied with cosmetics are mostly rubbish.

The use of proper brushes separates the women from the girls. Each brush is designed for a specific use, foundation, say, or blush, and each has a different conformation of bristles in accordance. But we don’t always have to do as the manufacturers say, do we?

ORIGINS Powder Foundation Brush, €18 * * * *

I used this for its purpose first, for the application of powder foundation — the sort that is powdery in texture but becomes foundation in finish. It worked well enough, but I felt that the bristles were too soft to really do a good job. But! This is a genius brush for pressed powder. See? Already breaking the rules. I’m such a rebel!

THE BODY SHOP Foundation Brush, €14 * * *

There is no way on God’s green earth that I would use a brush made from animal hair. Having said that, this is so synthetic that it doesn’t help coverage — the foundation looked streaky, and I ended up using my fingers anyway, so why bother? It’s okay for touchups, but not the whole face.

TWO FACED Retractable Kabuki Brush, €24 * * * * *

Oh, how I love this brush. I became quite attached to it during the bronzing months, and now just can’t do without it. This is meant to be used for shimmery stuff, but it works wonderfully with pressed powder and blush. Told you I was all about shaking things up.

ESTÉE LAUDER Foundation Brush, €32.50 * * * *

The bristles on this brush are gently graduated, showing that someone really put some thought into its construction. This gradation allows for more makeup to be soaked up by the brush, and allows for really good coverage, but the bristles didn’t clean up too well. I do like this one, though. A keeper.

URBAN DECAY Liner Brush, €15 * * * *

Eyeliner is so messy, even when it’s liquid and comes with its own wee applicator. This brush helps a bit with the liquid stuff, but is best with blending eye pencil. It is super flat, and it hurt a little, it’s so sharp, but it does the job.

BENEFIT The Talent Brush for Shadow and Liner, €22 * * * * *

Best. Eyeshadow. Brush. Ever! Slightly rounded at the top, just the correct degree of thickness, this makes all shadow, whether cream or powder, go on like a dream. I will never use any other brush for eyeshadow ever again.

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