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Dermalogica's BioSurface Peel leaves my skin glowing


Peels should never be an at-home affair. There are too many things that can go wrong. Even in-salon visits can be a source of trepidation for any newbie.

On a recent visit to Dublin to launch their new four-step BioSurface Peel, Dermalogica asked the Herald to be a tester for its Irish debut - the results are a big thumbs up.

What does the peel aim to treat?

The four-step BioSurface Peel addresses a diverse array of conditions including reducing skin roughness and the appearance of fine lines, as well as helping to treat hyperpigmentation, pseudofolliculitis (razor bumps) and acneic inflammation.

With complex formulae which do not centre on just single acids or ingredients, the treatment provides a broad spectrum of skin impact and biological action, while minimising irritation and improving overall skin health.

What can I expect?

The application process consists of an initial preparation step using Prep Solution. This will degrease the skin and facilitate efficient penetration of subsequent actives without the use of traditional stripping alcohols.

The next steps include layers of two complex active formulas, in contrast to a traditional single acid peel.

This unique approach allows the active ingredients within Enzyme Active(-) and Acid Active(+) to work independently - each formulated at the optimal pH for the specific ingredients within the formula.

The result? Maximum impact from each active which achieves the very best skin result. Depending on skin tolerance and condition, further layers can be applied or electrical modalities can be used to boost effectiveness.

Once maximum peeling is reached, the skin is neutralised in the fourth and final step using Decelerator. This completes the treatment, neutralises acids and gives skin a renewed sense of calm.

Is recovery time necessary?

There is no down time - the therapist keeps questioning your comfort levels throughout and will not try anything harsh on a first treatment in any case.

Strict aftercare procedures are advised and you will leave with instructions and mini samples. It's an ideal winter treatment but if there is sun shine do hide under a peaked cap. My own skin was - and remains - glowing.

More information

A series of three to six treatments and a complete after-care regime including sunscreen will be prescribed. The cost is €80 per treatment. For more info call 1 800 556785 or see dermalogica.ie.