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CELEBRITY HEALTH CHECK Madeline Mulqueen, Model

Do you have any ailments/health concerns?

No, I'm very lucky in that I've never had any major health concerns.

How would you rate your energy levels?

I'm pretty busy on a daily basis so I need to have a lot of energy. I usually am pretty energetic but the odd time I would get tired.

Do you get your five a day?

I try my best to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables but to be honest, if I'm very busy, I tend to forget about my five a day.

How would you rate your stress levels?

I tend to keep my stress levels low by keeping a diary which helps me keep track of everything I have going on. This way, things don't build up on me.

How's your sleep?

I love my sleep. However, sometimes I end up thinking about everything and anything under the sun just when I'm trying to nod off so naturally that can affect my sleep.

Do you take vitamins/supplements?

I take an iron supplement as I don't eat a lot of red meat.

Do you exercise?

Yes, I do exercise regularly. I'm studying fitness instruction and personal training so naturally exercise is a huge part of my life.

Do you cook from scratch?

I live with two other people so luckily we can take turns doing the cooking, so I only have to cook every third day. When I do cook, it's all from scratch.

How many alcoholic beverages would you consume in a week?

I love a good night out to let loose with my friends, so the weekends would be the only time I go out and drink.

What would you find hard to give up?

I can't go a day without tea. I must admit that I drink a lot of tea -- it solves all my problems!

Do you have any health goals?

Completing my fitness and personal training course will be a huge achievement for me and will certainly give me lots of health and fitness knowledge for the future.

Rate My Diet:

What I ate today


Porridge, yoghurt, orange juice, tea.


Chicken mango salad.


Vegetable stir-fry with boiled rice.



Beverages: Water, tea, milk

Elsa's Verdict

You appear to have a healthy diet, exercise regularly and manage your stress levels well, so well done and keep up the good work.

With regards to your diet, I would recommend that you increase the nutritional value of your breakfast by adding a tablespoon of ground seeds to your porridge, such as flaxseed or chia seeds.

You could also add some mixed berries to increase your vitamin C intake, fresh or frozen.

You mention that you take iron supplements regularly. I would recommend that you have a blood test to check your iron levels as there is no need to take iron supplements unless your iron levels are on the low end of the scale.

To up your iron intake naturally, I'd recommend that you include more beans and lentils in your diet.

They would make a great addition to your veggie stir-fries/curries.

Also, avoid tea for an hour either side of meal times as tea can inhibit your absorption of iron.