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Bottoms up: How cheeky drinks can pile on the pounds


Glass of light beer.

Glass of light beer.

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Glass of light beer.

That cheeky after-work pint or the bottle of wine you share with your partner over dinner could be adding inches to your waistline as well as some foods, figures show.

A standard 175ml glass of wine contains between 126 and 160 calories depending on its strength. The lower figure is the same as a Cadbury's Hero miniature, the latter a slice of rich Madeira cake. It would take more than 15 minutes of jogging to burn it off.

Go large on the Chablis with a 250ml glass and you could be glugging down 228 calories, the same as a Cornetto ice cream. It would take almost half an hour of cycling to burn it off.

If you share a bottle of 13pc alcohol wine with someone over dinner, you could be packing in 340 calories each, which would take 30 minutes of hard swimming to shift.

Luckily for those with a taste for the finer things in life, a flute of champagne is just 89 calories, and you could burn it off with a nine minute run.

Wine not your thing? Well beer can be better, depending on how many and what type you neck while the football is on. Lower alcohol and smaller bottle servings contain less calories than pints.

A pint of premium strength 5pc beer contained 170 calories, the same as the packet of ready salted crisps you may be having with it. You'd have to put in a full-on 17 minutes on a rowing machine to get rid of it.


A pint of Guinness contains 210 calories, like chomping almost three quarters of a burger. You'd need a half an hour kick-about in the park to shift just one.

The good news is that spirits have less calories, with on average a 40pc 25ml measure having 61 calories - without the mixer. You could burn that off with a moderate walk of 12 minutes. Or 30 minutes of sex.