Thursday 17 January 2019

An ocean's worth of bliss

Sometimes you come across a product that just blows the competition out of the water.

The pun is intended, as I was working on bath stuff -- bombs, bubbles and the like -- and it came time to test VOYA'S Lazy Days Seaweed Bath (€16). I will get around to writing up the reviews for the rest of the products, which all had something going for them to be fair, but it wouldn't have been fair to them to hold them up to this, surely the most excellent bath I have ever had in all my days.

I am a champion bather. There should be an Olympics bathing games, so I could win everything. I love the sensuality of a tub full of water that has been enhanced by scent or salt or essential oils.

I also love going to a spa and being treated to something that I couldn't do at home. One of the things I have always intended do was to go to Sligo to the seaweed baths -- but now I don't have to, because Voya have made it possible for me to bring it home.

The Walton family in Strandhill have recreated the seaweed spa experience of our northwestern coast, and have created a line of seaweed-based products. I've liked some things more than others (that's just life) but I haven't loved something as much as this seaweed thingie in a very long time.

A brick of dehydrated seaweed lies wrapped in a net bag, sprinkled with sea salt. I ran the water blisteringly hot and set the brick in the tub. Water filled the tub until the brick was submerged, and I let it sit there steaming until it rehydrated. As it did, the glorious scent of the sea filled the bathroom. Bliss!

When I deemed the seaweed hydrated enough, I ran the cold water until the temperature was comfortable, and got in. I have never felt water so silky in my life. Despite my gold-medal status, I have never, ever relaxed to the degree that I did, until I took the Voya bath. Every muscle was unknotted, every inch of skin felt new, and I slept like a baby.

I got one more bath out of the concoction (it had swelled to the size of a football when rehydrated.) The second time round wasn't as transcendent, but it was still pretty darn good. I cannot recommend this more highly. It is absolutely magic.

See www.voya.ie for more information.

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