Sunday 13 October 2019

A healthier fry up

Consultant nutritionist, TV presenter and mum-of-one Emma Buckley offers her advice for a healthy breakfast

"The world of nutrition has changed a lot in the past five to six years," Emma says.

“For example, we really have to cut back on the amount of sugars in cereals. I would have recommended granola back then, but I wouldn't touch it now.

“If you're going to go for a carbohydrates breakfast, I would always recommend porridge oats with Greek yoghurt.

“Some of us will always want a fry, especially at the weekends, including me. I'm just back from the States where I took to turkey rashers as they're called here. You can dry fry these in a skillet pan and get the nice grilled effect.

“Poached eggs are the healthy alternative. In the States there has been a trend for omelettes made from the whites of eggs, omitting the yolks to reduce fat. But the yolks of eggs are so nutritious, and there are only 70 calories in an egg, so why wouldn't you eat one?

“I'm all for a little of what you fancy and if you love a certain brand of sausage, having them once a week is okay. There are chicken sausages out there, and I think Marks & Spencer does venison sausages if you want to steer away from pork.

“I believe in trying to have vegetables with every meal, so put mushrooms and tomatoes on the plate. And instead of white batch loaf, have brown soda bread.

“I'm not a fan of margarine but, with real butter, I think it should be a scraping and not a lathering on bread.

“My personal favourite for breakfast is hard-boiled eggs, which have to be one of the most portable nutritious snacks around.


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