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Great to see Hook setting an example with his eight steps to better fitness

IRELAND is officially one of the most inactive nations, with over half of the population admitting in a recent survey that they fail to take the recommended level of weekly exercise.

So how nice it was to read a tweet from the famously lardy George Hook, who has agreed to go on stage this weekend at Keith Barry's Olympia Theatre and prove in front of the audience that the feted performer cannot hypnotise him.

It's hard to imagine that George engages in physical activity, other than to walk to a fridge for a feed, or a letterbox to collect his latest endorsement cheque, so I'm delighted that the corpulent broadcaster is now setting an example to his many impressionable fans.

Because in agreeing to be put into Keith Barry's hands, George will have to walk from his seat, and up eight steps onto the stage.

And let's be honest -- for George, that's a workout.