Friday 19 January 2018

give yourself a treat on rest day

VICKI has been following Pat Henry's diet plan over the past nine weeks and it allows (as many diets do) for one free day where you get to eat or drink some treats that are off limits when you are training plus you also get a break from the training itself.

But what exactly does 'a free day' mean? It's hardly a licence to stuff yourself with pizza, chips and chocolate, thereby undoing all the hard work.

Well, according to Pat, the 'free day' is a mental rest day. A day for you to switch off and not have to worry about your diet or exercise routine. A day where you give your mind and body a break from the regime so that on Monday you will once again enthusiastically embrace the healthy options.


This one day a week gives you something to look forward to after working out all week and sticking to your diet and Pat suggests you make full use of it by curling up in front of the television and having something you like to eat or drink. This could be a bar of chocolate, a packet of crisps or a glass of wine.

This is not permission to binge eat junk food. Also, if you do overeat junk food, you will feel unwell the following day and your body will feel bloated.

Remember, when you start seeing results, it's easier to stay focused, even on your day off.

Top tips for your 'free day':

1 Plan it in advance, just as you would your workout days. So have that DVD ready to enjoy as well as the wine or dessert. The anticipation is half the fun.

2 Whatever your food or drink treat is, consume it slowly.

3 Do not feel guilty, even for one second, about consuming your treat, or indeed treats!

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