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Getting into the runner's high

We're into the third week and hopefully you will begin to feel the 'Runners' High' that comes with a continuous exercise programme. Arnold Bennett once wrote: "We shall never have more time – we have, and always had, all the time there is." So be determined to set aside your exercise time on a regular basis and fit it into your daily routine and you will look forward to this time out from your daily grind.



Do not get carried away as you begin to get fitter and be careful not to overdo the pace as this will lead to aches and pains and stiffness in your joints and muscle structure.

Unfortunately some degree of pain must be expected especially for those who have let their fitness level slip. Do not panic and a day off will ensure you return to normal. We are fortunate in Ireland to have many parks and grassy areas within reach, so utilise these surfaces and stay off the roads as much as possible. Many athletes find running on grass a little uncomfortable at first since it tends to be a little bumpy and uneven. Stick with it and you will soon adjust and thus avoid injury and jarring in your system

Our programme is graduated to move from a phase of training you can handle and gradually increases over the full 14 weeks' preparation .

If you are not following our schedule make sure to join a group that has an experienced leader – just make sure that you have a plan that will see you reach the finish line on June 3.

For full training schedule, see www.flora womensminimarathon.ie