Sunday 17 December 2017

GAA star Valerie and her fiancee Meg to wed in Cork at the end of the month


Cork GAA hero Valerie Mulcahy (left) will tie the knot with her
Cork GAA hero Valerie Mulcahy (left) will tie the knot with her "kind and caring" girlfriend, choreographer Meg Blyth

One of Ireland's top GAA stars - Cork footballer Valerie Mulcahy - is set to tie the knot her long-term girlfriend Meg Blythe at the end of the month.

The couple have been together for six years and will wed at the stunning Camden Fort Meagher resort in Crosshaven.

Choreographer Meg says it was a case of "opposites attract" as she has nothing in common with nine-time All Ireland football champion Valerie.

"I had never seen a ladies football match, I didn't even know it existed," Meg said.

Her partner agrees with her.

"Meg had no idea that I played football but when she found out she was very supportive and now she's a big fan," Valerie added.

Valerie proposed last summer on Myrtleville beach where they had their first date.

"I said I needed a swim after a tough training session. There was a person there chatting to us so I couldn't do it, I ended up proposing in the restaurant in Bunnyconnellan afterwards," Valerie said.

The pair live together with their two lizards and four cats and admit children could be in their future.


"We go back and forth about it but we do think we will. That said, we don't think we're ready now," Meg said.

"Val's got her football going on, I don't think I'd be ready for the lack of sleep, but it's the plan. I've always wanted to be a parent.

"Val never wanted to have children until recently but now she's suddenly broody," she told RSVP magazine.

They say their big day will be all the more special because the same sex marriage referendum passed last month.

"There's a process involved so it won't be in place for our big day. We'll just go ahead with the wedding and we can apply for our [official marriage] license later," Val said.

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