Tuesday 12 December 2017

Four 'super sets' to build a sleek, feminine silhouette, without bulk

Leg Extension
Leg Extension
Barbell Squat
Reverse Leg Curl B
Pat Henry Fitness Set 1 - Hack Squat B
Barbell front squat
Crunch B

This sequence of exercises are simple but effective and if you are in a gym at the moment just compliment each machine movement with a free weight exercise.

This will give the body a complete full range of motion, giving you a better shape all over and avoiding a blocky look to your figure of physique which can sometimes occur when only using machines.

The freedom of using dumbbells or barbells can give a full range of motion which can change the shape and contour of each muscle group.

There is no need to use very heavy weights unless you want to bulk up. If you superset each movement with 15 reps, 12 and 10 working the muscle to it's max.

That simply means at the end of each set you should be barely able to complete the exercise. Forcing the muscle to build shape and repair and help the body to rejuvenate new cells.

So push yourself hard with a weight that taxes the body. Super set simply means for example; leg extension to squat, then back to extension and so on, until completion.

Remember your legs are the engine of the body for burning off fat and increasing metabolism. If you train hard you should be puffed at the end of each set so avoid talking during your work outs and get results.

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Sitting with back straight push the weight up until the leg is fully straight. 

Muscles: Quads  

Leg Extension A.jpg
Leg Extension


With the barbell resting on your shoulders squat down keeping chest up and heels down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. 

Barbell Squat

Muscles: Quads, Glutes  


Curl your heels towards your bum not allowing your back to arch, lower the weight slowly. 

Reverse Leg Curl B.jpg
Reverse Leg Curl B

Muscles: Hamstrings 


Holding the dumbbells in your hands, step forward bending the back knee down to the floor. Push off the front foot and bring both feet together again. 

Dumbbell Lunches B.jpg
Dumbbell Lunches

Muscles: Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes  

3 HACK SQUAT  Your feet on the plate should be positioned with heels together and toes apart. Keeping your back from arching push slowly up and slowly down.

Hack Squat

Muscles: Quads, Calves, Glutes  

BARBELL FRONT SQUAT  Place the bar across the front of your shoulders crossing the hands over to hold it in place. Keep the elbows and chest up. Squat down until thighs are parallel.

Barbell front squat

Muscles: Quads, Glutes, Core  


Brace your stomach tight and pull your knees up high using the stomach to pull, lower legs slowly. 

Hanging Leg Raise B.jpg
Hanging Leg Raise

Muscles: Abs, Hip flexors  

Crunch Lying on the floor with knees bent roll your head and shoulders up until the shoulder blades are off the floor. Keep your low back ridged and pull from the upper abs. 

Crunch B.jpg
Crunch B

Muscles: Upper abdominals

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