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Find out if you are a hoarder

SCORE two points for a 'yes', one for 'sometimes' and zero for a 'no'.

1. Is your handbag bursting with receipts from the January sales -- from 2011?

2. Did your cat leave home because it couldn't find room to stretch out among your bric-a-brac?

3. Is your sock or knicker drawer so full of thongs and hold-you-in-pants you can hardly open it?

4. Is your laptop full of undeleted emails from months or years ago -- and which weren't sent by the one who got away?

5. Have you held onto the shoes from your first date, debs, the time you were bridesmaid -- in spite of them being worn out?

6. Are there more clothes in your wardrobe you don't wear than ones you do?

7. Do you have dial-a-feed menus from takeaways which have long since closed down?

8. Are your book shelves filled with classics you can't remember reading?

9. Are the surfaces in your home covered with paperwork you intend to read when you get a chance?

10. Do your old handbags take up more room than the ones currently in use?


15 - 20

We're not saying you should be on the TV show Hoarding: Buried Alive. We're simply suggesting that you might like to take some time to consider the difference between what is useful and what is a space waster.

10 - 15

Being sentimental about the dozens of ornaments vying for space in your home is no longer an excuse. Have you ever heard of the phrase 'dust collectors'?

5 - 10

An ideal candidate for decluttering, you have mastered the art of letting go.

Below 5

You're certainly not a hoarder by nature yet all your boasting about binning the holiday souvenirs people give you does make you sound a little heartless.