Saturday 16 December 2017

Would you date a woman over 35?

Andrew Nagle (20), Donnybrook

"Yes, because I live near the 'Cougar Club'!"

Edward Tate (20), Clonskeagh

"No, probably not. I prefer girls my own age or slightly younger."

Stephen Mellon (19), Rathfarnham

"No, I wouldn't actually date a woman over 35 but I'd have a one-night stand with one."

Jonathan McGuinness (21), Glasnevin

"No, I wouldn't in general but maybe if she looked like a Desperate Housewife I might!"

Paul O'Donnell, 25, Raheny

"Yes, they'd be more mature. Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz are over 35 and they're very attractive."

Gatis Sdepanors (28), Santry

"Not yet, but maybe in a few months, you never know."

Kevin Bingham, (28), Dublin 8

"Yes, they're more mature and have a bit more experience. You could inspire them with your youthfulness."

Declan Maguire (31), city centre

"Yes, of course I would. If she was a woman I was interested in and she fitted the bill, then why not?"

Tom Mockler (43), Phibsboro

"Yes, and I have done. I went out with someone who was older than me."

Eamon Corcoran, 60, Stillorgan

"Yes, when you're 60, certainly. "

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