Monday 18 December 2017

Who is a female maverick and why?

Jane McGrath (19), Blackrock

"Joan Jett was the original maverick. She shook things up a bit because she made it in a male- dominated world.

Also, Veronica Guerin because she didn't back down."

Rachel Fitzsimons (18), Glenageary

"Hilary Clinton, as she came out from under her husband's shadow. Also, Lady Gaga -- she's nuts but she owns the music industry at the moment. A female maverick should have strength and self-belief."

Kate Ellis (30), Dublin 8

"The actress Olwen Fouere because she's an amazing lady, she's talented and has attitude. She's not afraid to take chances."

Roisin Jackman (21), Wicklow

Katy Perry. She doesn't conform to the norms of society and she's a free soul. Also, Caroline Morahan. She's very confident and she seems to know what she wants.

Heather Ann Cody (21), Whitehall

"Oprah Winfrey because her opinion counts. She's got a worldwide following and she has the potential to do a lot of good through her various campaigns."

Greta Salter (23), Dublin 9

"The boxer Katie Taylor as she's excellent at what she does. She's a good role model and I really admire her."

Andrea O'Donoghue (21), Whitehall

"Katy Perry because she does her own thing. She has her own look and doesn't seem to care about what anybody thinks of her. She's also very talented."

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