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'We always had this sense of fun'

>Catherine "I've known Marina since 1990. We were both in our first jobs in Bank of Ireland, Baggot Street. We were delighted with ourselves at getting the jobs and I'm sure our parents thought we might stay in pensionable posts.

Marina "I remember that Catherine and I just got on with each other instantly and we always had this sense of fun. We were both offered permanent jobs in the bank but I was given a place in college to study radiotherapy. Catherine stayed on for a couple of years but then went into another job.

"We've journeyed through our twenties and thirties together -- both getting married and having two children. We've also both set up our own businesses and have been sounding boards for each other.

"One of the strongest memories I have of Catherine is of us walking through Mount Merrion years ago and she was talking about her plans to have a herb garden and a cookery school.

"Catherine is very hard working, focused and fun. She's also very creative. We're both enthusiastic. I think we have the same outlook -- that life isn't a rehearsal; this is show time."