Thursday 14 December 2017

Time for change in the church

The Catholic Church needs to make "an open and truthful apology and admit they were wrong" for its international sexual abuse of children, Lorna Byrne says. But she believes that people have not "lost faith in the Church itself but in its leaders who have made mistakes and ignored what they were told".

"I wish it was all sorted out but it's a slow process," she says.

"Remember, all those in power in the Church are still human and Satan does get everywhere.

"God has told me that the Church needs to become more like Saint Francis, but I've also been told that there is little chance of that happening soon.

"God has shown me a symbol of the Church like a cornfield in circles, with thistles that have not been weeded out yet."

But she praised Pope Benedict (left) and his tour of Britain, saying: "He's weeding out the thistles and will bring about huge changes."

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