Wednesday 19 December 2018

Roz's angel aspirations

TOP IRISH model Rozanna Purcell has admitted that she wants to become a Victoria’s Secret model.

This is how she plans to secure a coveted place: “I have to drink two litres of water a day and I try not to drink too much coffee and tea.

“I try to drink green tea instead, which is great for keeping the metabolism fast.

“I usually go training in the morning before breakfast because that’s better for the body. I prefer cardio-like running and I don’t do too much weights work because that builds up muscle.”

Before she left for a modelling assignment in South Africa, Rozanna worked out with Pat Henry, personal trainer and Herald columnist, for six weeks.


“She was going somewhere that was giving her heavy weights and it made her legs and bum bigger. I was suggesting that we create an illusion of length on the legs by giving the body a nice shape. Rather than being muscly, you look toned,” says Pat.

Pat advised Rozanna to avoid too many sit-ups and heavy weights.

“Too many sit-ups make the waist bigger. Excessive oblique exercises — side bends — put about three inches on the waist. Likewise, using a cross trainer at high resistance will widen the legs and bum,” he says. Pat’s programme for Rozanna included a threephase squat, lunges, side raises and ‘sumo’ squats for the inner thigh.

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