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Gadget gal: Playbrick Headphones

Kids today.


I was on the DART the other weekend, and a bunch of kids got on, and because it was a rugby weekend, the train was packed.

Separated from the main body of the group, a trio of girls squashed on a seat, and proceeded to text their friends who were far away in the middle of the car. They would text, and send, then look up to see that their message was received.


It is, but it’s a bit freaky. I was born gadgety, and in my day (sigh), I was intent on being at the top of the technological wave.

But it was all so innocent, unlike these days of iPods for eightyear- olds, and iPads as babysitters.


I shrug in resignation. Anyway, kids today need earphones, if they’re to listen to Justin Bieber on their Pods, or watch Toy Story 3 on their Pads whilst being driven to judo practice.


Playbrick Earbuds, and, well, that’s it. They are earbuds that look like playbricks, or Lego, depending on where you grew up.


They are. The bricks look like they may be awkward, but they fit perfectly in your ear. I found them a bit heavy on the bass, but perhaps the manufacturers are trying to protect the eardrums of theyounger generation.


Also good news is that if you get these for a young person, they are going to think they’re pretty cool. I lost track of the number of envious glances I got from young folk.

Playbrick earphones are available at Anvil Home Limited, Bray, Co Wicklow, for €7.50. See www.anvil.ie for more information.