Monday 11 December 2017

Gadget gal: Jivo Charger

Wires, wires, wires.

YES, YES, YES They’re everywhere. I think the wireless environment fantasy is up there with the paperless office flight of fancy. Everything we’re so dependent on needs to plug into the computer or the wall at some stage, and if you’re a Mac enthusiast, that stage is reached at least twice a day.

NO, NO, NO! It’s true! As much as I love my iPhone, it blows through the juice something rapid. I plug it in about halfway through the day, and this is after it has been charging all night! Not terribly efficient. If I was on the road all day, travelling for my job, or on a driving trip somewhere, I can’t imagine what I would do . . .

CAN’T YOU? Okay, I can. I’d hook myself up with a Jivo Car Charger for iPod and iPhone. Two words: Dead. Handy. Just plug this into the cigarette lighter, and plug your unit into it, and you’re away in a hack. Or a Punto. Or a Mercedes, you posh thing.

DOES IT WORK? It does indeed. It’s as simple as plugging the thing into anything else. Mind the dangling USB cord when you’re driving, as it may interfere with the gear stick. Otherwise, it’s as neat as can be. On the way to your destination, you can rock out to your playlists, and once you arrive, you needn’t worry that your device is going to red-line. It’s really perfectly great.

The Jivo Car Charger for iPod and iPhone is €19.90, and available at Carphone Warehouse

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