Tuesday 15 October 2019

Gadget gal: JCB Tradesman Handset

My iPhone doesn’t float.

OMG. Don’t worry, I didn’t drop it down the toilet. I myself have dropped phones and, while I’ve never had one break beyond repair, sometimes you’re in situations in which you need a tough handset.

LIKE WHEN? When you’re running, maybe, or out hill-walking. You’re not going to leave your mobile behind, but there’s always a chance that it might fall out of your pocket, or tumble down a ravine. Most phones don’t bounce. But the new JCB Tradesman does.

SERIOUSLY? You should see what they do to it on YouTube, putting it in cement mixers, and the like. The handset is constructed of really hard plastic, and can function in crazy temperatures at each end of the hot/cold scale. I was interested in its waterproof aspect, but I can’t use it in the way I had supposed.

WHICH WAS? I was having a lovely bath the other day, and had the iPhone playing. I wanted to change the tune, but didn’t want to get it all wet. So I thought, hey! This JCB might do the trick. The only thing is, the radio, which actually tunes in superbly, won’t play without the headphones. I tried it: it is weird to have headphones on in the tub.

BUMMER. Yeah, but I sure wasn’t worried about it drowning. In fact, it’s kind of fun to play with it, as it really does float!

FINAL VERDICT? If I was hiking up Machu Picchu, this is the phone I’d bring. It’s not a smartphone, and the screen is tiny, but if you need a yeomanlike mobile that can stand all the abuse it might be given, then give this one a go.

The JCB Tradesman is exclusive to the JUST Mobile network, and retails for €99.99. It’s available in SPAR, SPAR Express, EUROSPAR, MACE and XL outlets

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