Saturday 20 January 2018

Favourite things: Tara Nix

We should be dead's Tara Nix on travelling toys, flights of imagination, pushing the right buttons and giving peas a chance


This button was wasted on a cardigan; so I took it off and made it into a ring. Massive and quirky, every time I wear it, there’s a reaction.


I’ve always loved elephants — when I was younger my grandfather had elephants on the mantelpiece that I used to play with — but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago, when I went to Sri Lanka, that I became totally obsessed. This book, full of amazing pictures, was a present.


Anna has been my best friend for the past 15 years and is also in the band. Wemet when we were 12. She came over to me, saying: ‘”Hi, I’m Anna, I’m weird.” And replied: “Hi, I’m Tara, I’m also weird,” and that was it! I was quiet until I met her; she really took me out of my shell!


Portishead are my favourite band of all time. When they broke up, I thought I’d never see them live. Then they came back with a third album and played Primavera. I got to see them twice — it was the highlight of my life. Kylie Minogue is totally different; she takes the cheesiest and naffest of things and actually gets away with it. You have to love her.


When we moved over to LA last year to record our album in Hollywood, we were living in a shell of a house and there weren’t even any lightfittings! So one of the first things I bought was this lamp; it’s so tiny, it fits on the palm of my hand.


Is he a leopard or is he a tiger? His name is Oisin. I was in a car accident a couple of years ago, and my mother bought him for me to be my travel buddy. He comes everywhere with me, and is extremely well travelled. He’s also fluent as Gaeilge, he’s actually a Gaelgeoir!


I got this Moog synth a couple of years ago; it’s a beast of a thing. My second synth, which I got this year, is a Korg. The Moog’s called Peanut and the Korg’s Andy; although, who knows why!


Flying a kite is really relaxing; it’s kind of like fishing, except it’s in the sky, you don’t catch things and no fish get harmed.


These are my peas of choice, but you couldn’t get them in America, so I had a friend post over bags of the soakable variety. I make pea soup at least four times a week!


Meet Coco, the latest addition to our family; we haven’t had a dog in a couple of years, and she’s brought new life into our household.

We Should Be Dead’s single Breathe In, taken from their album Dreamstate, is available from iTunes. See www .weshouldbedead.com, where you’ll find links to the band’s free iPhone App ‘Band in the Hand’ and news on tour dates, such as the Leg Party in Limerick this Friday, and the Bar Ritz party in Castlebar on Saturday

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