Friday 24 May 2019

Favourite things: Rachel Sage

Edible glitter Bought last year in a Covent Garden cupcake shop, I use this edible glitter every day on my lips, and also on my eyes at gigs!

Hall & Oates boxed set My mastering engineer, Greg Calbi, also worked for Hall & Oates, who gave this to him as a courtesy, but he insisted that I have it. It has all my favourite songs that I grew up listening to.

Hanukah menorah When I moved away from home, my mother gave me this very simple, brass menorah, telling me it had been used by my grandmother all her life. Although I never met her, every time I light it, I think of her; it's a beautiful way to remember her.

BOOTLEG CD One of my fans gave me this bootleg of a 1998 Marc Cohn concert in Hamburg, Germany, because he knew how much I loved Marc Cohn and had been influenced by him. The fan was so enthusiastic, telling me he was certain that one day I'd share a stage with Marc. This year I opened for him in Milwaukee, of all places. I wanted to bring it to the show and have Marc sign it, but I wasn't sure if it would offend him.

My Changing Planet I was invited to sing on this children's CD, which aims to inspire kids to enjoy, treasure and protect our planet. The song I sing is called First, and it's about having the guts to stand up for what you believe is right, even if you're standing alone.

Electric kazoo My drummer gave me this. It meant a lot because he's shy and reluctant to get theatrical on stage, but this lets me know he gets that it's okay to be a bit wacky and still be a serious musician. Progress!

Hamsa pendant The Hamsa is a symbol of protection against the 'evil eye'. I've worn Hamsa pendants all my life -- even the logo for my record label MPress Records is a Hamsa. The one I wear most was given to me by my self-proclaimed number one fan, which reminds me how we have the ability to impact on each other, even strangers. That is why I love music so much.

Michael Jackson Jacket Even though no one else wanted it -- it was on the sale rack at Patricia Field, my favourite NYC store -- I feel like a superhero in this jacket. It's red satin with sequinned stars and just completely over the top. If I had my way I'd walk out of the house in it every day.

A photo of myself when I was a young ballerina, dressed for Coppelia Once in a while I pull this photo out to remind myself what a wonderful, albeit bittersweet experience, I had pursuing dance professionally. It was my spiritual education -- where I learned to believe, by doing, in the power of art.

Red sequinned sneakers I got these in Cambridge two years ago. I wish I could get them for all the guys in my touring band, who are called The Sequins, but these are the only pair I've ever encountered and they are almost worn out.

Rachael Sage's new single Rich Girl is available to download now via iTunes. It is taken from her forthcoming album Delancey Street, released in September. For more news on her upcoming Irish tour see www.rachaelsage.com

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