Tuesday 12 December 2017

Favourite things: Ann Scott


I get very attached to blankets and slippers. On long drives home from gigs, I look forward to getting in and curling up in the greeny-blue lushness of this blanket. Or burying my feet into the slippers and padding around the place with tea and chocolate digestives.


If I ever lose this bracelet, I’ll be in some serious trouble. It was handed down to me by my mother who has treasured it since 1967; the charms symbolise major events, people and milestones in her life, so it holds many stories and memories.


An autoharp is an old folk instrument, which makes a zingy chord when you strum it and press the buttons. This particular one sounds a bit crooked, but there’s something romantic about it, too. Its dishevelled look and sound is part of its charm.


My nails are not in good shape. If you play guitar you need to keep them pretty short. So to liven them up I’ve a collection of weird and wonderful nail polishes. It’s become a pre-gig calming routine to paint my nails. These two purple bottles are also highly prized pieces of Chanel. If only I could afford their boots and bags!


Flo is my newest and my favourite album, partly because it’s the one with the most of my fingerprints on it. When you spend years sweating over songs and then computers to record them on, the biggest reward is finally getting your finished album back from the factory in its digipak. It’s the ultimate closure.


I love this keyboard. It stores hundreds of futuristic beats and sequences and drones; all of which you can tweak to make your own. It’s really cute and fits the overhead-locker dimensions.


This tiny nature reserve has some of my favourite tastes and smells. I struggle a bit with the basil, but the rosemary is doing fine and the tomatoes taste yum.


When I was on tour in Wales with Katell Keineg, I picked up this blue dress for a few quid in a charity shop. It’s small, old and delicate, and we think it must have been formerly a communion dress. I’ve worn it on stage and used it as costume in the video for Imelda, so it’s a rock’n’roll dress now.


For years I had a really bad vacuum cleaner. The head would fall off and it would blow dust around the room; sending me into sneezing fits. Eventually, I dug deep into my pockets for this Dyson allergy DC30, but it was worth it.


This is Lenor. She was handmade and given to me for my birthday by my friend, Katy Schaedlich. It’s rare nowadays to receive a gift personally made for you. Lenor was crafted with time, love and care and although she doesn’t sit up very well, she’s one gorgeous doll.

A remix of Ann Scott’s Universe will be available via iTunes on October 15. Ann will play at The Roundy, Cork on October 14, Roisin Dubh, Galway on October 15 and Whelans, Dublin on October 16. See www.annscott.net

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