Saturday 16 December 2017

Clinging on to hope

There are several different reasons why a woman stays with a man who has allegedly betrayed her by having liaisons with other women outside of their relationship.

1 She still loves him and in time believes she can forgive his cheating ways

2 He is the father of her children and she wants to ensure their off-spring are not emotionally damaged

3 Financial/business alliances might make it impractical to split

4 Political alliance (see Bill and Hillary, now a power couple in the political world despite his roving eye)

5 She is willing to forgive and move on or turn a blind eye

6 She accepts his flaws and convinces herself he's only human, realises his mistake and will not repeat it

7 She doesn't feel she can do better than him

8 She's afraid she'll never meet another man. Age is a factor here as is a lack of confidence. We all know a woman who stays with a man that treats her badly because she doesn't want to be alone

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