Sunday 20 January 2019

Father's lost all the money he made.

from Things That Matter

Father's lost all the money he made.

I think it's the best bit of fun;

He says I must go into trade

And make bricks, like my gran'papa done.

We're living out here in a wood,

We don't have no pie and no cake;

But, lordy! The fishes are good

I help him to catch in the lake!

We were going abroad for a spell,

A tutor had me in his clutch;

And Sis was to learn how to yell

In French and Italian and Dutch.

There's just one small cloud in our sky -

I suppose it is wrong to complain-

But Pad says he is going to try

And make a big fortune again.

But meanwhile our money is spent;

We've nothing to get or to give;

On schools we don't spend a red cent,

But we're learning - we're learning to live.

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