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face up to the best primers and get set to sparkle all day

Do you really need a primer? I've found that if I've got a long day of facetime ahead of me, having a little extra something going on right underneath the foundation means that I look fresh that much longer -- if, of course, I am using a primer this is useful.

HOURGLASS COSMETICS Mineral Veil Primer, €60.48, HHHHH

Oh, dear, this is very spendy, but, oh my, what a gorgeous face you will present to the world. It goes on like velvet, minimises fine lines and keeps your face fresh all day.

BOURJOIS Flower Perfect Translucent Smoothing Primer, €15.99, HHIII As velvety as a flower petal, so it wins in that department. But there is so little -- only 7mls. Not great value.

LUSH Feeling Younger Skin Tint, €14.95, HHHHH Technically this is not a primer, but it really works well as one, especially under a lighter-weight foundation. It's got what the brand call the 'magic orange pigment', which reflects light off the skin. Even under a layer of slap, it still shines through. Don't use too much, otherwise you will be seen from space, as in way too shiny.

RIMMEL Fix and Perfect Pro Primer, €8.25, HHHHI Now, this is terrific value. Textually not as robust as our priciest entrant, this nevertheless does a Trojan job of keeping your make-up looking as if you've just applied it. It claims to resurface, and it doesn't really; it also claims to smooth, mattify and protect, which it really does.

NYC New York Color Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer, €5.99, HIIII The texture of this was super, super thin. I didn't feel like it created a reliable base for the rest of my maquillage. I'm willing to spend more to ensure that I get good face. You?

DERMALOGICA, AGE Smart skinperfect primer SPF 30, €45, HHHHI This little winner launches in February, and it is tempting to wear all on its own. It's got the silky feel that is key, and it's got SPF. I feel like its coverage could be a touch better, and that I used maybe more than is best.

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