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Even her birthday cake is healthy as Amanda Byram celebrates her 42nd with star pals


Amanda Byram shows off her new bike

Amanda Byram shows off her new bike

Amanda Byram shows off her new bike

Amanda Byram was treated to a surprise birthday party thrown by her pal Fearne Cotton at the weekend.

The presenter-turned-fitness buff is celebrating her 42nd birthday today and had a quiet weekend with friends and family to mark the occasion.

BBC presenter Fearne posted pictures of the garden party with a teepee, a hammock and piles of presents.

Amanda is known for being a health and fitness fanatic, so all of the treats at the tea party were super-healthy.

Fearne shared a snap of a cake (inset) which she prepared for her pal.

"Wheat, refined sugar and dairy free cake. Just made this as a surprise for someone," she captioned the picture.

Meanwhile, Amanda's boyfriend of a year Julian Oakines gave her an exercise-friendly present.

"Early birthday gift from my love, my first bike as an adult. Thank you Julian," she wrote online.

Amanda has previously spoken of how she would love to see children in her future.

"As a woman you do think [about the biological clock]. We all go through that and think about leaving it too late. I have a 29-year-old friend who worries about it, and I'm 42," she told the Herald.

"You can be infertile at 20 and fertile at 45 - the state of your fertility doesn't matter what age you are.


"Yes, it decreases as you get older, but you can be fit and healthy at 42 and be absolutely fine.

"Of course I would like kids, but I think I came to a point when I turned 40 and was single that I had to realise it may never happen.

"If you're single you have to make the choice to do it by yourself and go down that road, or hold out and wait until you meet someone.

"I would love to see that in my future. Thankfully, I've met an amazing guy, so that bit is checked off and that wasn't there a few years ago, so if it's meant to be it's meant to be.

"I did come to the place at 40 that I'd prepared myself that it may not happen, so I've prepared myself for that."

Meanwhile, the Castleknock native is in talks with TV3 about fronting her own show.

"I'd love to work with TV3 again - that's where I started and where it all began. I mean, I owe them my career," she said.