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Don't let asthma stop you reaching for the top...

>Actress Jessica Alba (31) had a tough time with asthma as a child and twice suffered from a collapsed lung. She said: "I was in hospital a lot from the ages of four to 12. If I ran outside, I had to have a breathing machine and be hooked up to oxygen. I also had to take steroids." The star of The Fantastic Four and Sin City is a mum to two daughters, Honor (4) and Haven (2).

> Footballer David Beckham (37) was private about his asthma for a long time, until he was photographed using an inhaler. Afterwards he said he was happy that the news of his condition would encourage other asthmatics to play sport.

> Hollywood star Sharon Stone (54) has had her share of medical troubles, including suffering a brain haemorrhage and enduring three miscarriages. She has also lived with asthma from childhood -- yet it hasn't held her back from a successful film career.

>Rugby player Ronan O'Gara (35) was diagnosed with asthma as a child. He said: "Asthma has always been an issue, especially growing up, from six to 12, it was a big part of my life." His career highlights the fact that once asthma is controlled, you can achieve your goals.

>Anna Coogan