Tuesday 12 December 2017

Dear Rosanna: What should I wear on a first date?

Rosanna Davison
Rosanna Davison

This week - a first date dressing issue, a holiday query, and a depressed husband

Q: What can I wear on a first date - I want an outfit that looks flattering and as if I made an effort but not something that gives out the wrong message.

I'm 17 and I've liked this guy for ages - I usually just wear black but I would like to branch out into colours -without looking like a Christmas tree.

The guy is a little older than I am - 23 - so I don't want to give him the wrong impression, as in that I am up for sex or anything like that.

I don't think he has this view of me as we met in the local sports club and have gotten to know each other over the last year - but I just want to get things off on the right foot.

A: I think you're definitely right to carefully consider what you wear for this first date, as our clothes can give off a strong impression of who we are.

As you're only 17 and he's a few years older, it's important not to dress inappropriately for your age. If I were you, I would aim for an outfit that's youthful but sophisticated and flattering.

You want to be able to highlight your best areas without coming across as suggestive or sexual. Your outfit of choice will also depend on where you're going on your date.

If it's something casual like the cinema, then skinny jeans, boots and a nice top would be perfect.

But if it's dinner, then a brightly coloured shift dress or top and skirt, that doesn't show too much leg or cleavage, would be ideal.

If you're trying to steer away from black, then pink or red would be great colours for a first date, once you're not showing too much skin.

You could have fun accessorising a simple dress too. With the spring/summer clothes in the shops now, there should be plenty of choice in juicy bright colours.

Q: I'm going on holidays in a couple of months with pals - I'm kind of worried about the heat. We'll be heading to Florida and the heat situation relates to my self-consciousness about my skin.

I am prone to break-outs (thanks to oily skin) and it goes a bit mad in hot climates.

I know I shouldn't worry so much about something that sounds superficial but it has ruined holidays and other big ticket events in the past - I thought I'd be out of the woods by now, but aged 26 it's still an issue.

Do you have any tips on wearing make-up in the heat without it rolling off in tides of sweat - are there tricks or brands you think might work for me?

A: I'd really like to be able to be ready to enjoy my break no matter what my skin decides to do.

Looking after out skin in the heat is definitely an area that needs consideration, and you shouldn't feel ashamed for considering it.

Break-outs can seriously affect our self-confidence, and on holiday we want to be looking and feeling our best, especially when going to the beach means not wearing makeup.

I battled for years throughout my teens with skin breakouts, and it was only through making changes to my diet that it cleared up.

But I also learned plenty about what products trigger spots and which ones can help to calm and soothe pimples.

It's worth spending a little bit more on good quality brands too. My advice is to look out for brands that are oil-free, but with a high SPF.

I really like both Image Skincare and La Roche-Posay, and the latter does a great tinted liquid moisturiser and cream foundation for wearing in the sun. I tried it out on holiday recently and loved it, plus it didn't roll off in the heat.

There's a temptation to wear powders to mop up oil and reduce shine but these, can really work to clog pores.

Instead, try using oil-absorbant paper to blot your skin, which plenty of cosmetic brands sell.

Enjoy your break away and I hope that these products help.


Q: My husband had an injury while playing soccer with the lads some months back - he pulled a ligament in his leg.

He had to take time off work and was house bound for the duration, he became insular and remote and even since he got some fitness back and returned to work something has changed.

He seems down on himself and has no interest in doing the things we used to do, as a family and as a couple. I'm really not sure why this temporary set back has had such a dramatic impact on his demeanour and I feel powerless to help - he won't talk about it and won't see our GP - plus we haven't had sex since.

A: It sounds that your husband's injury had a massive effect on his self-confidence and his entire sense of identity.

He had to change his attitude towards himself and his abilities, plus no doubt his faith in his own abilities was dented by having to take time off work and stay at home.

I do understand why he's feeling a little low, but now that he's feeling better again, it's time for him to improve his motivation and start enjoying life again.

I think that it's importent for you to chat to him about it, as communication is so essential to a healthy relationship. Just gently explain that you're concerned over his lack of interest in normal life, and it's important to you and for the sake of your relationship, that he makes more of an effort. Suggest some fun things to do together, like joining an exercise class to build on his fitness.

You could also book a weekend away together, to work on getting that physical spark back in your relationship and having some time alone.

Look at ways that you can inject fun back into your relationship, and he will soon remember how good it feels to enjoy life once again.


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