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Classic combo that's always in fashion.

WHEN my big brother finally decided to give us all a day out last August 'what to wear' was second only to the 'how much do we need to lose' in conversation topics, well among the women folk, in any case.

I knew straight away that a black dress would be my weapon of choice.

Some may think it too sombre a colour for a wedding, but only because they cannot see the potential you create by choosing a classic blank canvas.

I picked up my Bastyan dress in Brown Thomas at the end of their summer sale for €115 - almost a third of the original price.

I wore it with turquoise sandals, pearls, red lipstick and a black bag my little brother gave me some years ago.

Simple, classic looks never go out of fashion and it doesn't get any simpler than a well-cut black dress with a slash of red lipstick.

Dee O'Keeffe