Friday 26 April 2019

Clare Dowling Author

What was your best holiday ever?

France, last year. Twenty-five degrees most days -- even more enjoyable when everybody back home was wading around in the rain.

Where did you holiday as a child?

Tramore -- great memories of caravans, windy beaches, and trampolines suspended over deep, concrete pits. If you landed an inch too far to the left you would break your leg.

What is your favourite holiday food?

I have encountered some difficult moments on this front, what with being a vegetarian coeliac. Most restaurant staff look at you like you're crazy. Mostly I agree with them. Suffice to say that I have eaten a great many omelettes on holiday.

Where would you never go again?

Jersey. I'm sorry, but the place is obsessed with scones and clotted cream. And cows.

Where did you go this year?

Just Galway so far. But the annual pilgrimage will probably be to France again, despite the omelette problem. Keycamp with the kids, and hundreds of other people's kids. Great!

Who will you go with?

The kids. The hubby -- someone has to drive on the left.

Where would you like to go before you die?

I'm a bit restricted as I'll do anything to avoid flying. But Montana has always seemed like a really romantic place to go. I'd also like to experience some of China.

Do you have any holiday tips?

Pack all your stuff a week beforehand. Then take out half of it. Repeat this exercise every day until departure. You'll never, ever wear all of it.

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