Tuesday 12 December 2017

Childcare is the price of a mortgage now, says TV3 star Anna Daly

Anna Daly
Anna Daly
Anna Daly
Anna Daly

TV3's Anna Daly says the price of childcare in Ireland needs to be addressed as it's "like a second mortgage".

The Saturday and Sunday AM presenter says the Government needs to address the crippling costs to facilitate parents returning to the workplace.

"We had Joan Burton on the show and I thought one of the most important things to put to her was how can we make childcare more affordable for parents to go back to work," she told the Herald.

"We need women in the workplace at a high level and we're losing them.

"They've got the education, they've gone through college and worked for years and we're losing them from the workplace because they can't afford the second mortgage that is the creche bill.

"I know some dads are making the sacrifice, but ultimately mammy ends up staying home to mind the kids," she added.

Anna is mum to two boys, James (3) and Euan (2)with her husband Ben, and says they've no plans to expand on their brood.

"I'm done - I came from a two-child family and that's very normal for me," she said.

"I feel the world was built for two children really. It means two parents to look after two kids and holidays, cars, standard houses that come with that.

"Also, the money and time it takes to look after children, I couldn't do it for a third kid," she added.


The 36-year-old says her other half is incredibly supportive.

"My mum is always saying how great Ben is - he'll be changing a nappy one minute and making a cuppa the next," she said.

Anna was speaking at the launch of Mothercare Ireland's fundraising partnership with the LauraLynn Children's Hospice.

Customers can raise funds by purchasing a bespoke candle, which is on sale at all MotherCare stores for €3.95.

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