Sunday 23 September 2018

Bottle-feed mothers says they feel judged

Bottle feeding mums admit they are judged by others.
Bottle feeding mums admit they are judged by others.

A craze for breastfeeding selfies is fuelling an atmosphere that makes mothers who bottlefeed feel "judged at every turn", campaigners have warned.

A survey has revealed that 69pc of bottle-feeding mothers say they have been judged negatively, while 41pc feel they have "failed as a mum and failed their child" because they do not breastfeed.

Four out of 10 say they have received negative looks and comments from strangers when they bottle-feed, while a fifth have been attacked on social media and 16pc have endured cruel comments from other mothers.

Siobhan Freegard of website Netmums warned that mothers are facing mounting pressure to breastfeed - a phenomenon she dubs "bressure".

"What should be an entirely personal choice is being turned into a political issue with mums feeling judged at every turn," she said.

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