Monday 18 December 2017

BMW launches its affordable luxury car 'for the people'

IS THIS the first affordable high-end luxury car for the Irish motorist?

It has already been described as "the greatest BMW of all time", and now the 3 is the first executive saloon "for the people".

In what many believe could be the most revolutionary car in a generation, the 3 will this weekend go on sale and could challenge the Ford Mondeo and VW Passat as well as high-end rivals Audi and Mercedes.

Prices for the most competitively priced BMW to hit the Irish markets will begin at €38k and will seriously shake up a market where affordable high-end luxury has never been possible.

This week the BMW 3 was launched at the Cliff House in Ardmore, Co Waterford, where the national motoring press finally got its first glimpse of the most eagerly anticipated car in years. Not only is the new Beamer the best performing 3 yet, it is the best looking, and is set to be the most popular thanks to its competitive pricing.

And such low-priced luxury could very well put BMW back at the top of the charts after it lost out to Audi in the top-end sector last year. With prices starting at €38,350 the BMW will be launched tomorrow.

For the first ever review of the BMW 3 Series read next Wednesday's Herald.


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