Monday 20 November 2017

Beauty box sets are not to be sniffed at

JUST because it is easy to buy a gift set doesn't mean that you are being scabby. Personally, I accept such gifts with open arms. Be a hero/heroine this year, as all of the below come with my seal of approval.

PIXY Dream Gift Set, €29.95, 5/5

These products are all-natural and all made in Ireland. Included are soap, body oil, a bath bomb, a bath muffin, lip balm, and shower mousse, which comes with its own scrubbing pouf. Support a family member's quest to smell wonderful, and support an indigenous brand.

KORRES NATURAL PRODUCTS Best of Korres, €23, 3/5

If, like me, you have been unaware of this brand, why not buy yourself -- I mean, a loved one -- one of these? Everything smells great and so will you -- or, whoever! See www.OliverBonas.com.

LUSH 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, €64.95, 5/5

One of the many choices available, in prices ranging from €4.95 to €129.95. Lush do a spectacular line in wrapping up their gifts, and this one is base-of-the-tree ready. Includes 100g of Mr Punch soap, which features gin as a key ingredient. Party from the outside in!

AVEDA Spa Days Are a Gift Set, €43.50, 5/5

Bath salts, body polish, body moisturiser and hand cream, and all in generous portions. Just the scent of them all in one box is swoon-worthy. The presentation is tres sophisticated: perfect for a posh relative.

DECLEOR Global Anti-Ageing Skincare Ritual, €110, 5/5

Comes with a gorgeous ornament of a golden tree, in a posh box, and is as fancy as it gets. If your mum won't get the head off you for giving her something that says, "You've got wrinkles!" then you'll achieve the coveted Best Child status.

PUKKA AYURVEDA Organic Skincare Collection, €30, 4/5

Yet another great way to familiarise oneself with a product line. The toner is particularly good, as is the serum. The samples sizes are small, but you can get a lot of mileage out of them.

BURT'S BEES Favourites: Pomegranate, €24.95, 4/5

Sugar scrub, soap, body lotion, lip balm, in generous sample sizes, plus a scrubbing pouf. Your loved one will be all-over pomegranate-y and delicious with it.

THE BODY SHOP Chocomania, €25, 4/5

A gift for the chocolate lover in your life and will love that you smell of the yummy cocoa stuff. Love the heart-shaped tin. However, I would have loved bigger sample sizes, to be honest.

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