Sunday 19 November 2017

Be optimistic... and buy a summer dress

IN THE SUN: Nothing says 'summer' as convincingly as a properly seasonal dress worn with bare legs, ie Sally Hansen. This floral ponte dress from the Gallery collection at Dunnes, €45, has a lot of potential.

You can go super-glam in it for posh suppers, fancy holiday dining, or even theatre and event nights.

But you can also wear it to work with a jacket or cardie and flats. There's real optimism in buying a dress such as this – much like when we purchase barbecues, the thought process is, 'go on, buy it and summer will come'. Here's hoping.

IN THE SHADE: "Keep your face out of the sun because that is the most destructive thing," was the advice an older friend gave to the age-defying Joan Collins back in the day. "So I have. I do sunbathe, but wear a big hat and lots of creams," has been her life-long response.

And she's dead right. Hats need to be practical but look okay too – which is why I like Wallaroo sun hats, pictured here in black-camel, moss and reversible chocolate pink. They are easy on the eye, but they're smart. They come with a UPF of 50+, so they protect your skin and hair.

These hats are tested by the Australian Radiation Protection Agency and block up to 97.5pc of the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Celeb fans include Cameron Diaz, Kate Capshaw, Kim Basinger and Brooke Shields while sports stars Alison Gannett, the champion skier and Michelle McGann, the golfer, also wear the hats for work and play.

The hats are made in a crushable fabric and available in an adjustable one-size, exclusively at Neelu's Beauty Emporium in Arnotts. Prices start at €65.

Make sure you apply SPF to your face, too, though.

LONG-LASTING LIPPIE: I did a quick check on the state of my lipstick before I typed this – it's still there, Jim – not as beacon-like, as it was six hours ago when first applied, but two breakfasts, one apple and two mugs of tea later, and it's pretty darn respectable.

Revlon's new ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick range really is worth investigating – in 14 shades from pale peach to deep pinks and reds, graduating to various shades of brown. The inclusion of shea butter, vitamin E and aloe mean this does not leave lips feeling dry or cracked.

I tested it all weekend in two different colours. You won't get the full 16 hours mentioned on the press release unless you are the type who 'forgets to eat'. You will, however, get eight to 10 hours.

Definitely worth the €13.

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