Monday 20 November 2017

Are we destined to regret tattoos?

Ink in haste and repent at leisure... even Victoria Beckham is getting some of her tats lasered. Tyler Pratchen asks some young folk what they think of permanent skin etchings

Rachel Noonan, 21, Oranmore, Galway:

n "I believe so, yes. I'd avoid it. I think your opinion changes too quickly to have something that permanent, generally."

Gary Skinner, 17, Terenure, Dublin:

n "I am not too sure. I don't have a tattoo, but it depends on what you get - if you get a bad one I suppose you would regret it."

Jodie Jameson, 14, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin:

n "I think it's wrong if you're drunk and the tattoo man lets you get a tattoo - he's doing it just for the money, and then when you wake, you'll regret it. I think there should be some law to stop that."

Rosie O'Regan, 18, Cavan:

n "I think so. I would never get a tattoo 'cause I think they look horrible when you're old."

Courtney Byrne, 18, Cavan:

n "People are so changeable that it's not realistic to think you'll like the same thing 20 years on. I think it's inevitable that in the end you'll regret it."

Connor Curley, 20, Monaghan:

n "I don't think so. Tattoos, after a while, become a part of you."

Aisling Fogarty, 27, Castlecomer, Kilkenny:

n "No, not at all I think - if tattoos are meaningful you won't regret them. So choose wisely."

Kim Doyle, 29, Ringsend, Dublin:

n "I'd say certain tattoos are destined to be regretted, ones that are easy to cover, less so."

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