Sunday 23 September 2018

Any beach holiday diets planned?

With a little sniff of summer in the air, Shane O'Riordan asked readers what, if anything, they do to get their bodies ready to hit the beach ahead of their holidays

Gemma and Kirsty Wilson (twins, 18), Finglas:

n "We're not going on holiday but when we do go, we work out a lot to look better for the beach."

Eva McInerney, (19), Leeson Street:

n "My brother has a gym so I can use that as much as I want. But honestly, to prepare for a holiday, clothes shopping and saving money is far more important to me."

Alison Casserly, (21), Navan:

n "I get a three-month pass for the gym and go as often as I can before a holiday. I always eat healthy anyway, but I try to get out and get active a bit more."

Aoife Crowley, (22), Cork:

n "I'm a physiotherapist so I try to keep fit all year round, it's not easy to do drastic diets at the last minute to get a good figure. But I would never deny myself having nice food just to look thinner."

Bronagh Gallagher, (21), Donegal:

n "I just try to eat less junk food and walk a bit more but the gym isn't really my thing."

Tanya Judge, (21), Ballymun:

n "To get ready for a holiday I eat healthier, go jogging, go walking a lot, and drink lots of SlimFast ."

Niamh McNamee, (20), Dundalk:

n "I drink lots of water and lots of smoothies everyday which I always make myself."

Clara Berney, (20),


n "I'm not really focusing on any of that. I have a one-way ticket to Berlin so it won't be like a regular sun holiday."

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